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Why does Ash Ketchum never win the Pokémon League?

Any other character with half a logical mind and darker perceptiveness would have rammed through the 4th wall by now and asphyxiated Hidaka in his sleep. Ash is a character cursed to be a little above average for the rest of his life, going after a dream a universe will never enable him to attain. Not conserving threatened legendary Pokemon and hindering group rocket plans; those are simply ancillaries to his two main objectives, of which he will never attain. Ash never recognizes this though, since he’s too hectic being a positive moron, and this is the only factor he hasn’t yet broken down into full-on existential misery after a surprising 20 years of constantly being a runner-up

Realistically speaking, Ash is truthfully not a great Pokemon fitness instructor, in my viewpoint. As numerous might explain, it appears like every generation that passes, and he loses all the memories of ever being a Pokemon fitness instructor before the next area. How one can do that is beyond my description; however that is the theory everybody appears to opt for because after a lot of years, you can’t be this bad of a fitness instructor without some sort of amnesia.

Personally speaking, if you are somebody who has grown up enjoying Pokémon( anime) and playing Pokémon video games, then you are bound to grow exhausted of seeing Ash. Offer Ash a genuine opportunity at Pokémon League! Ash looked a bit fully grown, his battling abilities had enhanced considerably, the side characters were fantastic, and many of all, the plot and the Pokémons were impressive.

I believe the genuine factor he hasn’t won any leagues besides the Orange League is the truth that if he did, the story of Ash would end right there. I can’t speak for everybody; however, I think there is some love for Ash out there. If he won a Pokemon League and ended up being champ, not just would he have achieved his objective of being a Pokemon master, however, he would likewise never be able to continue his journey.

Naturally, when it appeared as Ash had grown, the makers screwed up once again, and Alola was brought were Ash looks as dumb as ever. Make him look like he has an opportunity at winning and that he should have to win a league. That’s what fans desire to see, We all want to see Ash at his most beautiful and that he lastly wins vast. To conclude, Ash can not win unless he has a genuine possibility, and the makers require to recognize a couple of things.

Ash never wins since he draws! If Ash wins a Pokémon league, then he’ll satisfy his objective of ending up being a Pokémon Master, and unlike video games, there’s no post-game situation in anime. Why do you believe Ash is still ten years old? Another thing to think about is the truth that Pikachu is a point that connects the other declarations I have made. If Ash wins a league not just is his story over however so does Pikachu’s story