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What To Do After Beating Pokemon Sword?

You’ve made all your 8 health club badges, beaten the champ, and stopped a wicked plot to make use of a famous Pokémon for its energy output at the last minute, I think? Anyhow, the point is you’ve simply beaten Pokémon Sword and Shield, other than the video game does not end there. Pokémon video games are popular for their post-game material, and while Sword and Shield have lighter offerings than previous Pokémon titles, there’s still a lot you can do besides attempting to capture em’ all.

There is a male in the lower parts of Motostoke that will teach Pokémon the Steel Beam relocation. Go south from the Pokémon Center to get to a location with freight dog crates to discover him.

To get your own Charmander to go to Hop and Leon’s home in the post-game. There will be a Pokeball with a note on it in Leon’s space (the one with all the hats.) That Pokeball is a Charmander and it’s the only method to acquire it in this variation.

The very first is provided to you after you beat a police officer in a fight. If you handle to finish your Pokedex (excellent luck) the medical professional will offer you a Shiny Charm which will increase your possibilities of discovering glossy Pokémon.

Not just have all the Pokémon in the wild location leveled up, AND brand-new Pokémon have actually revealed up on the map, an entire brand-new class of Pokémon has actually revealed up in dens. Doing so will get you some of the finest products and greatest Pokémon in the video game.

That implies all your Pokémon will be at the very same level and you can’t change when a Pokémon passes away. Winning Battle Tower matches get you Battle Points which will get you essential products, consisting of mints that alter your Pokémon’s nature and effectively held products for usage in online fights. Winning 6 fights will likewise open the judge function, which will let you see how excellent your Pokémon’s base statistics are in the box menu.

What Pokémon video game would be total without this famous 100 percent catch rate ball? As soon as you’ve triumphed just pack up your conserve and try to leave your home. Teacher Magnolia will come and provide the Master Ball to you complimentary of charge prior to you can even begin your post-game journey.

Speak with the merchant at the right of Stow-on-Side to get a Beast Ball. If you played Sun and Moon you may bear in mind that this is the ball that has greater opportunities to capture an Ultra Beast. There are no Ultra Beasts in this video game so all it does is appearance cool.

Null, among the famous Pokémon from Sun and Moon, is hanging out at the Battle Tower in Wyndon after the video game has actually been finished. Simply speak to the team member hanging out beside him and you’ll choose him up together with the products you require to utilize him. To get him to develop into Silvally you’ll require to virtually max his love through outdoor camping and curry making.

You might have seen that you’ll get some brand-new Rare League Cards throughout the Legendary Quest. More lie in wait for you, need to you want to seek them out. You’ll need to beat Marnie in another fight at her health club to get hers, talk to Oleanna in the mines to get Rose’s, beat Leon in the Battle Tower to get him, and you can even get a card from Ball Guy, which you need to then right away burn with fire since Ball Guy provides me the creeps.

Heading to the Slumbering Weald after the video game has actually been finished will send you on a mission that culminates with capturing your variations title famous Pokémon and having a fight with the other. Merely return to where you discovered the rusted Sword and Shield to set off the mission. It will take you all around the world, fighting in some brand-new Dynamax encounters in nearly every health club, and taking on versus 2 brand-new foppish bad guys.